What you need to know before you go

With over 30 years of placing students you could say we are experts here at EUSA. Experts in creating opportunities, building connections, and finding internships for individuals just like you. In our years of placing, we’ve always worked one on one with students, and considering we place 2,000 students per year you can imagine that we are also, consequently, experts at answering questions.

So what is this online guide? It’s essential preparation that we expect for you to read before your internship consultation with EUSA.

Trust us, read through it once now and skim it again before your placement meeting. There’s tons of useful information. Think of it this way: by taking the time to get some of the details out of the way before talking to EUSA, you have a lot more time to discuss your internship placement and what you want out of it. Remember, being prepared is your first step to having an unforgettable, life-changing, and successful time in Madrid.

Good luck. Talk to you soon.

Essential Websites

Bureau of Consular Affairs - provides travel announcements, warnings, and a range of services

US Department of State site for students

Health information for travel from Centers for Disease Control

Get great discounts all over Europe with an ISIC card


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