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EUSA organizes short-term work experience opportunities throughout Europe for students enrolled in top-ranked universities. Operating in partnership with educational institutions, our placements are designed to integrate academic courses with professional work experience.

While providing exposure to the professional world, participating organizations enjoy the benefit of hosting bright, well-motivated and flexible students for short-term, unpaid placements.

Are you an organization interested in taking on a student for an unpaid work placement?

Whether your needs are general and ongoing or pertain to specific projects and whether you are a multinational corporation or a small business, chances are we will have enthusiastic students interested in working for you.

Students come from a wide-range of fields including: business; law; sciences; marketing; and arts, to name a few. Our interns are available for 6 to 12 week periods each academic term, including summer.

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To find out more about EUSA and our services, browse through our site and feel free to contact our placement team if you'd like further information.

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The Placement Process

Placements are arranged by an experienced team working with each student on an individual basis. The Placement team make a considerable effort to match each student to an appropriate placement and to monitor the students throughout the semester.

  1. We will interview the students by telephone or on their campus in the US before they arrive to ascertain their interests, skills, and experience.
  2. The Placement team will then match them with the most suitable placement based on the requirements and job description each company has provided.
  3. We then send a CV to the company for review, and if approved, an interview is arranged between the student and the prospective employer. No student will be accepted by an employer without this interview procedure.
  4. If the interview is satisfactory to both parties, a starting date can then be arranged.

Please note: If for any reason an employer is unsatisfied with the student - either with their CV or during the interview stage, there is NO obligation to accept that student. Simply let the Placement team know and they will attempt to find a more suitable candidate.

We have three intakes a year with semesters occurring approximately as follows:

  • SPRING:  Mid January - mid April
  • SUMMER:  Mid May - mid August
  • FALL:  Mid September - mid December

Types of Placements

To give you an indication of the range of placements our students undertake, here is a partial list of the categories of organizations that have taken students:

    Banks, Stockbrokers, Law Firms, Legal Centres, Financial Consultancies.
    Parliament, Local Government, Pressure Groups, Think Tanks, Lobby Organizations, Political Public Relations.
    Television Companies, Radio, Independent Production Companies, News Service, Advertising Agencies, Public Relations Companies, Newspapers, Magazines, Publishing Houses, Marketing Agencies.
    Voluntary Organisations, Local Authority Social Services, After-Care Facilities, Occupational Therapy, Physical Therapy, Counselling Services, Hospitals.
    Commercial Galleries, Auction Houses, Museums, Architectural Firms, Design Companies, Arts Campaigning Groups, Theatre Companies, Music & Dance Companies, Art Centres.
    Hotels, Airlines, Travel and Tourism Public Relations Firms, Tourist Boards, Tour Guide Companies, Tourism Publications.

EUSA is a not-for-profit internship organization specializing in customized, academically-directed programs in
London, Dublin, Madrid, Paris, and Prague.

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