The Students

Students who come on the program often have considerable related work experience either as employees or as interns. Therefore, the students arrive with high aspirations and hope to take on a range of duties and projects, after a period of getting to know the organization. The students do understand that they must be adaptable and willing to do what is asked of them, as some of the placements will involve fairly routine tasks.

Students come from universities all over the United States. They are normally "juniors" (3rd year) or "seniors" (4th year) and some may be graduates. The average age of a student is 21 and experience has shown that the great majority of students accepted for internships are mature, motivated and capable of undertaking real responsibilities and demanding work.


EUSA is a not-for-profit internship organization specializing in customized, academically-directed programs in
London, Dublin, Madrid, Paris, and Prague.

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