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For the last two years, EUSA has been asking our interns to record their experiences of living and working abroad and have been so impressed with our students creativity and enthusiasm for experiencing a new culture. Have a look below and if you feel inspired to share your own video or photo, please This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..


The Videos

7 Reasons Why I Loved Living in Dublin

Everyone says they love living in Dublin. Who wouldn't? But Tiffany Tran even loved her daily commute on Dublin Bus. That's serious.


Special Report: España Edition

In our last entry - and first to come from outside Paris - the very patient Jordan Imbrey helps dispel some common misconceptions about living and interning in Madrid.

Living in Paris

Another (!) entry from Paris! Check out Boston University (via Emerson College) intern Lorena Alvarado's dreamy video about living and working in Paris. It features original music by her friends Adam & Naive.

Surviving Your Internship

More great advice from a Boston University Paris intern - this time it's Devony Schmidt with tips spanning wardrobe, commuting, greeting your coworkers (very French!), and what to do on your lunch hour.

What Interns (Shouldn't) Say

Our first official entry! It's from Boston University Paris intern, Kimberly Doherty, and it's a contender. There are few lines in here that even our seasoned internship team hadn't heard.

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