EUSA and its partner academic institutions believe strongly that internships undertaken as part of a study abroad or study away program are more than practical training: they constitute an important bridge between the classroom, library and laboratory learning of the university. All EUSA internships are undertaken for academic credit and many of our educational partners choose to avail of EUSA’s expertise in developing and delivering customized classroom-based courses to provide a comprehensive study abroad or study away program.

The EUSA Academic Committee (AC) oversees and implements the academic aspects of the programs we build for our educational partners. Members of the committee meet before each semester to discuss and make recommendations regarding faculty, review syllabi, and maintain academic standards. They work with individual university educational partners to provide customized for-credit courses that will be counted toward students' degree programs. Credit for each course is granted by the respective educational partner institution.

EUSA can provide a range of academic services to its partners, these include:

  • Development of customized courses
  • Arranging access to courses in local universities
  • Classroom space
  • Recruitment of qualified local faculty
  • Academic supervision of internships (including individual tutorials, reflective group sessions, and marking of internship portfolios and research)

EUSA can serve as an intermediary between US-based educators and local universities. Through its relationship with Boston University, EUSA has access to qualified faculty teaching in a wide variety of disciplines.

In London, Boston University and EUSA employ 27 faculty from universities and the world of business. These professors are drawn from the likes of  Magdalene College, Cambridge; Trinity College, Oxford; and  London University's Imperial and King's colleges.

In Dublin, EUSA has relationships with faculty and scholars connected to Trinity College Dublin, University College Dublin, the National College of Art and Design, Dublin City University, the Dublin Institute of Technology, National University of Ireland campuses throughout Ireland, and Queen's University, Belfast.

In Madrid, EUSA works with faculty who are associated with institutions including the European University of Madrid, the Francisco de Vitoria University as well as with US university programs in Madrid.

In Paris, EUSA works closely with Boston University and with faculty members associated with the Université de Paris Dauphine, Institut d'Etudes Politiques de Paris, Université de Paris Nanterre, and Université de la Sorbonne.

EUSA - Academic Internship Programs have undergone an educational oversight monitoring visit by the Quality Assurance Agency for Higher Education (QAA) and have received our final report, which is available in full at:

The monitoring visit resulted in the following outcome:

The QAA monitoring team has concluded that EUSA is making commendable progress in implementing the action plan from the Recognition Scheme for Educational Oversight.

EUSA is a not-for-profit internship organization specializing in customized, academically-directed programs in
London, Dublin, Madrid, Paris, and Prague.

QAAreviewed                 Member of the Forum on Education Abroad                Generation Study Abroad Commitment Partner

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