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You’ve undoubtedly seen the postcards: Parliament, the double-decker buses, fried eggs and beans on toast, red phone boxes on the street corners, St Paul’s Cathedral, Piccadilly Circus at night. You’ll get to experience the thrill of walking along the river Thames, taking in the breezes and perhaps a film at the National Film Theatre; a late night curry on Brick Lane after an afternoon at Spitalfields Market; or spending an evening on a pub crawl through Notting Hill experiencing the delights of Portobello Market and the cast of characters that call London home.

Adjectives abound for London: vibrant, diverse, buzzing, sweltering (yes, sometimes in the summer!), exhausting, exhilarating, antiquated, modern, political, cultural, cosmopolitan, wet (yes, very often in the winter!), historic, international, overwhelming (at times!), but most of all AMAZING. Samuel Johnson once said, ‘When a man is tired of London, he is tired of life.’ With so much to see and explore, there’s no way you will tire of London.

We encourage you to take advantage of the opportunities that await. Depending on what your home university’s program includes, experiencing London with EUSA means activities like our famous city-wide scavenger hunt, guided tours of the Tate Gallery and British Museum, trips to the Globe Theatre or the West End, or day trips to discover historic sites outside the city.

Part of the thrill of living in a new city is the chance to discover it for yourself – but as a EUSA student, you won’t be by yourself. Our London team is only a phone call away in case of emergency – 24 hours a day, every day.



An internship in London will be different than any working experience you may have already had. London is one of the most culturally diverse cities in the world with nearly 30% of the population coming from outside the UK. This means you might equally find yourself working alongside someone from Lebanon, Luxembourg or London.

Equally, you’re likely to find yourself working with people from Liverpool, Leeds or Lincoln – London is the city that many young people in the UK flock to after graduation. Whether to earn their millions in the ‘square mile,’ London’s financial district commonly referred to as ‘the City;’ to showcase their creativity in one of the UK’s leading industries – fashion, music, design or the arts; or to make their mark in the ever expanding business community – London is THE place to be.

Part of the thrill of an internship abroad will be discovering the differences in how you and your co-workers relate to each other. You’ll return with new perspectives and new ideas about how to interact in cross-cultural situations. There are a few key things you should know about working in London:

  • You may find the office environment more casual than you’d expect. It is not unheard of to hear office banter, gossip, colorful language or joke telling at the water cooler!
  • A typical day for an intern is six core hours which may fall anywhere between 9 and 6, but most employees in the UK will stay until the job is finished for the day.
  • Hierarchy is not as strong in UK offices as it may be in the US. In London, EVERYONE will make tea – from the intern to the Managing Director, and clerical work is a part of everyone’s job. Don’t worry if you’re asked to do this in your first week. Your hard work won’t go unnoticed!
  • British humor is much drier and much more sarcastic than its American counterpart. The British will poke fun at anything and everything, including themselves and YOU! But don’t worry, this is a good thing – you know you’re ‘in’ when you’re on the receiving end of a joke.

“This internship has truly opened my eyes to the world of global business. Though it can be taught in any classroom anywhere, it is a very different experience to actually work and live in a foreign environment, learning from a hands on approach how businesses overseas function and the various differences that are evident between American business and international business. I enjoyed London a great deal and this is certainly a place where I would consider working in the future.” – Paul, Villanova University



All accommodation is centrally located within the city of London. We have scouted out the best neighborhoods and are confident that you will love getting to know your new home. With space at a premium, don’t be surprised when locals are impressed with your central location.

The housing is fully furnished, complete with common areas, internet connections, phone lines, a basic weekly housekeeping service, and a kitchen with basic cooking supplies (there is no meal plan – most students enjoy sharing the cooking with a few friends on a regular basis). All bedrooms are single sex (they are a mix of singles and doubles), but apartments and buildings are co-ed. There are pay laundry facilities in the buildings or “laundrettes” nearby.



Your particular academic program is determined by your home university – but it will always include a significant classroom based component and regular written work.

In many cases you may also undertake independent research, such as compiling a journal and portfolio of work to support your internship experience, along with seminars designed to help you understand the culture or industry in which you are working. Most programs have full semester courses in history, politics, or literature with a workload equivalent to your home campus – these may be taught by faculty from your own college or by local faculty. Most of the local faculty members are accustomed to working with American students, but will still bring a more British style of teaching.  Because European students tend to specialize in one subject very early in the college careers, typically this means that you are expected to take the initiative in learning and go beyond the required texts to develop a deeper understanding of the subject.

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