Program Management

EUSA provides the right level of program management support and safety to meet the requirements of all our educational partners.

Some educational partners send faculty with their programs and require little assistance in the area of program management and safety. Other programs rely on EUSA to assume the role of resident director, providing full-time, comprehensive supervision of their programs.


Health and Safety

EUSA’s first priority is the health, well-being, and safety of its students. We have a robust set of emergency procedures which are reviewed on an annual basis. Our on-the-ground Program Teams can provide 24-hour emergency support as well as advice and assistance for students who encounter other difficulties during their stay abroad. EUSA’s staff counselor is available for in-person meetings as well as telephone consultations for students.

EUSA is a not-for-profit internship organization specializing in customized, academically-directed programs in
London, Dublin, Madrid, Paris, and Prague.

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